Saturday, 7 August 2010

What I'm up to! (commissioned painting)

I'm currently working on the second in a series named "Sunken Pleasure", based on
a small painting of that name completed last year:

The original 10 by 8 painting is available here in my Summer sale by the way:

So in answer to some recent queries on this, yes! I do paint bigger sometimes...  In fact I welcome the opportunity.
Many thanks to the person who commissioned this!  I'm especially excited as
it's going to reside in ROME!  :-)

It's exciting to be able to work quite quickly and boldly on this larger surface
and I'm learning a lot - I hope! -  from this challenge of translating up a smaller work.
I've been working on this in a loose and improvised rather than measured way,
both to avoid stiltedness and because the proportions differ, as you can see,
the larger version being taller.

The other two paintings partly visible are works in progress at
the early stages, both also on canvas paper.

I'm painting this on canvas paper, so it can be rolled and sent in a tube.
This cuts down on shipping costs considerably.
For more info on shipping artwork, along with her wonderful paintings,
see Tina Mammoser,  a.k.a The Cycling Artist  's
most helpful blog post on this topic here.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

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