Tuesday, 31 January 2012

£1,483 funded; £302 to go!

Very exciting times! We are approaching our target with just three days
remaining on the "We Did This" Crowd Funding site!

£1,483 funded; £302 to go!  
This will secure the lease for the Old Lock Up studio for the next six months.

original painting by Rachael Pinks
Online gallery here

Rachael in her studio

Thanks so much to everyone who's contributed,
either directly or by purchasing paintings and prints 
from my etsy shop. At least 50% 
of any art sales I make up to the deadline on February 4th 
will go towards this project.  

Many thanks too to all 
who've helped to spread the word!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

High summer revisited, mid-January

Summer Storm (II)
oil on gallery wrap canvas, 12 x 10 inches
Here I was revisiting an older painting idea, 
but aiming for a slightly different look, darker and more loose with less clearly defined shapes.


 I don't normally post such large closeups at full size but in this case I think it's necessary as my camera doesn't capture the effect of looking at the complete painting well at all!  I suppose that's only to be expected as it only has one lens for a start- like listening to an elaborate stereo track in mono!  
Violets and mauves are notoriously elusive, a camera really can never properly replicate the optical blending effects within our visual systems.  The experience of standing in front of a painting is so much more of a rich, multisensory experience. I hope one day to be able to have short video clips (in 3d?! hmm...) ranging over the painting, rather than static shots only. 

etsy link

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

New work, mid-January: Iced Summer, Enivrez-Vous, Bright Young Thing (ii)

Iced Summer
view on etsy (opens in new window)

Enivrez-Vous (large detail)

Bright Young Thing (II)

Monday, 9 January 2012

Save The Old Lock Up Studio - an exciting new crowdfunding arts project in Cromford, Derbyshire!

Fellow artist Rachael Pinks has a great little studio in a historic building in our local village, Cromford, Derbyshire.  She has set up a rewards-based initiative on the UK-based Crowdfunding site We Did This in order to extend the lease on the studio and expand its uses to serve arts and crafts activities in the local area, including a regular affordable life drawing class, arts and crafts workshops, regular "open studio" selling events and low-cost work/exhibition space for individual artists, all based on a self-supporting, non-profit making collective ethos:


A shot of the exterior of the studio (centre)

Below, a glimpse of Rachael's wonderful art:

Teardrop by Rachael Pinks

The Day After Yesterday by Rachael Pinks

and the studio space:

Below, some photos of the recent Open Studios Christmas event- (the first of many, we hope!) :

The rewards:  This is a unique opportunity for art lovers to buy affordable original works from an exciting emerging British painter.  Then there is the lasting sense of achievement from having contributed towards developing the studio into a thriving, independent rural arts hub - nurturing creativity in people of all ages and ultimately enriching the culture of the area - all from an individual contribution of as little as £10.  Quite something if you compare that to the ephemeral nature of most everyday spending!  

Framed works and prints by Rachael Pinks on display at the Apple Day art event, Scarthin Promenade, Cromford, last autumn.

 Discover more here

Rachael's art blog