Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Mornings with Malakoff and l'Ondée, New paintings, early March

Mornings with Malakoff
oil on canvas board, 16 x 12 inches

One of my all time favourite old roses is Tour de Malakoff.

I love the name too, and the particular flora-drama described of petals of a rich
reddish purple fading to pale papery lilac!  These recent works are full of the
sense of anticipation about Spring. 
Come on, Spring!!

oil on canvas board, 20 x 16

I've been reading up on classic older perfumes, and I love finding out about
their histories, meanings and evocative descriptions.  Although I should say I have no sense memory of the perfume itself, 
at least as far as I know,  the poetry of the description is very inspiring.   "Apres l'Ondee" (Jacques Guerlain, 1906)
("after the heavy rainshower" doesn't evoke the same poetic mood as the original French, does it? ) inspired the titling of this new  painting.  I wanted to keep a sense of fragility and ambiguity, as in Nerval,  a dreamlike feeling that draws you in rather than defining itself too clearly.  
In this aspect, this transitional state between landscape and portrait,  the painting owes a debt to and is a conscious tribute to the great contemporary Russian painter
Andrey Aranyshev.


  1. Your new paintings are incredible. I love them both. And I love how painterly they are. The "feel" of the paint is scrumptuous.

  2. Hi Linda! Great to hear from you. Were you a bit hungry when you posted? ...edible AND scrumptious, to boot :-)
    Seriously though that is a wonderful compliment, thanks so much!
    I have worked on" l'Ondee" more this evening, have posted updated photo here (in the next post).