Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Latest rings

Fine silver hand made wedding rings; made using silverclay.
This can be worked with like clay and when fired it sinters into
fine (.999) silver.
The top ring has been formed using silver wire as an armature;
I then work silver clay paste in and around this structure and torch fire it.
Then a shorter length of wire is twisted around the top part of the ring;
this is then filled in, shaped and worked over again with more silver clay paste.

The larger ring in the foreground is made using a syringe to pipe clay slip over a dry base.
Multiple firings with a torch and much shaping and refining follows;
("oil paste type" is used over fired silver). The rings are kiln-fired for strength
and then burnished using hand tools; the larger ring is also oxidized
with liver of sulphur solution to bring the contours
of the upper part of the ring into greater relief.

More photos of my jewellery work here:

More information about metal clay here:

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